Fashion has always been more than just looking good for me. Ever since I was little I’ve loved clothes and colors and textures and mixing it up. I was never your average kid, I was always wearing clothes that were ‘weird’ or ‘ugly’ but I liked them so I ignored the looks. As I got older I wanted to fit in more, to be like the other girls who got the compliments and were envied, and so I ditched my style and went for theirs. It only took several years to notice that I shouldn’t be trying to look like them I should be trying to look like me. So I went back to the fun, quirky clothes and the colorful outfits, and I was happy with myself.

For me fashion is a way of expressing yourself and being who you are. I don’t wear the typical, expensive, name-brand stuff, because I don’t like it, and that’s fine. My rip-off Target boots are just as good as any pair of Uggs and my comfy, crappy old flip-flops will look just as good and last as long as a pair of Rainbows. Now, I’m not saying name brand clothes are bad, because trust me, I have a couple things that are worth a few dollars, but you don’t need to open your closet to Louis Vuitton or Channel. One of my favorite dresses is from T.J. Maxx, and I got it for only $20. Looking good doesn’t mean you have to pay a lot, or have what everyone else is wearing; it means you look how you want to and you’re comfortable. 



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    This is my daughter Haley’s new blog, I was speechless when I woke up this morning and she told me she created one, she is 14 years old and as I mentioned before has the personality of a leader. I was even more speechless when I read it and realized my baby could change the way young girls view themselves with a little inspiration from someone their own age. I had an hour long conversation with her this morning that blew my mind. Please feel free to pass along the link to your teenage girls or any girl that may need a little inspiration from a peer. Much love to you all and remember “Treat your family like friends and your friends like family”

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